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Little Changes for Big Impact

Little Changes for Big Impact "A home is a big part of your life and a comfortable, inviting space that can really make a difference in how you feel every day". Little things can elevate the overall mood of your home.. Keep in mind that not every Interior Design has to involve a major project. Rethinking a room or how you function within your home, or just looking at a room from the perspective of your guests, is what all it takes to make the small changes that have a big impact to your home. Here are some "little things" we recommends you can do to spruce up your rooms: 1. *Have you heard of the term “un-decorating?”* Choosing the room you live in the most as your first one to de-clutter. Choose a spot that's not visible from the public areas of your home  and designate a surface, chest or cabinet of some sort for the paper and other things  that usually end up in piles all over your home. Give yourself permission to toss anything you do